Monday, April 20, 2009


Maybe because I was a born on a Tuesday - and it used to be Buffy night - that Tuesdays are my fave day of the week. This one promises to be stellar. I shoot a birthday party tomorrow morning and then get to play in a real, live studio with the medium format camera I've been dying to use. And it's about time. I haven't shot anything in so long that I'm starting to get twitchy.

The computer blew up last week along with my phone, so with no way to upload or edit photos, I put away the cameras and dove headlong into writer world. It's been extremely challenging and thrilling at the same time, flexing some very weak, out of shape writing muscles on my novel but falling back in love with characters that first introduced themselves to me ten years ago. I so wish I was one of those writers gifted with the ability to just sit down and spill some pretty compelling material. Even blogging is Iike pulling teeth sometimes. I suppose I am the writer equivalent of a cow, eating, swallowing, then chewing - oh, ew I don't even want to continue with this analogy.

All this to say that pictures are coming soon, and Veiled Remarks is coming soon, and if I don't crack under all of my silly, cud-chewing pressure, my novel will be coming someday soon.

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