Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After a very twitchy week without my computer, my photoshop is back - just in time for a very fun week of work and several weeks of catchup ahead of me. Work! How do I get paid for this??

I had an absolute blast shooting a very glamorous birthday party this morning (check the heels, darlings) and then traded the heels and fancy shrug for flipflops and a reflector, my photobitch uniform. I'm learning a lot assisting my seriously talented and lovely friend Dirk at his fashion shoots. Like, I can work me some fan. And man, am I glad my very shortlived career as a model is behind me. Food and I have too good a thing going. And Dirk brought sugared orange slice-thingies. You treat your peeps well.

Easily the best thing about today was meeting some seriously cool chicks, in particular a seriously gorgeous photo geek and a Chilean stylist whose closet I'm going to move into. I'm just giving you a headsup now.

Tomorrow, the dreamshoot at the Orpheum and then a birthday party this Friday. And hey, speaking of birthdays - remember that blonde kid who just turned 2?


Joe said...

I know that Dirk is enjoying having the help, too. Great shot in the mirror, btw.

Melissa said...

Joe, how do I keep missing you?