Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am wondering

...why Harlow owns about 12 pairs of pajama bottoms with no tops.

...why the realtor always calls to show the house right as I've made plans to write.

...why I desparetely want hair extensions but wear my hair pulled up in a clip about 95% of the time.

...if this couch will ever go on sale.

...if John Locke = Smokey & Jacob? If Richard is Smokey? If the Miles the ghost whisperer episode I've been hoping for since they introduced his character will be appropriately spooky and awesome.

...when they say spring has sprung, is spring a euphemism for mucus?

...why I feel strangely flattered when someone chooses the bathroom stall I just exited - and there's no line.

...why Guy Pearce never became a big star.

...what exactly they put in the Benihana cream sauce that makes my stomach resemble the former president William Taft's.

...if I ever get pregnant again, can I have this cake served at my shower. Lindsey?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I did love being introduced to cake wrecks this weekend!

I don't think Smokey and Jacob are one and the same. But I'm still pondering that. You know the Miles backstory was going to air last year then the writers' strike caused them to bump it to this year. I hope it's awesome!