Thursday, April 09, 2009

Easter Egg

I am that mom who forgot to bring the easter basket for the kid's easter egg hunt today.

In my defense, Harlow's teacher told me last week that they had plenty of eggs and I didn't need to bring any. It never even occurred to me that she might need a basket to collect the eggs that I didn't bring. By the time I picked her up, they had already put up a bulletin board with pictures from the day's outing. Each picture showed a group of kids converging on brightly colored eggs, baskets tucked under their arms. Then there was my kid, snapped alone, staring down at an egg with a look like "And you expect me to do what with this?"

While the other kids toddled out with their cute bunny-shaped Target baskets, my kid had a bunch of eggs socked inside a wadded up Target bag scavenged by Miss Katherine. Miss Abbey tried to make me feel better, telling me that it was okay, that "another mother forgot to bring eggs."


To round it out, Caleb and I dutifully cracked open each egg at her command, pocketing the goods and eating all the candy after she went to bed.

It's good to be an adult, semi-functioning or otherwise.

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natalie said...

This. Yep, we did exactly the same thing last week at the church's Easter Egg hunt. Thankfully, another set of parents had brought several extra baskets. Which the Critter didn't use, anyway, because all he wanted to do was shake the one egg that a kind person put in front of his feet.