Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Allison's Birthday: Sneak peek

Photographing my friend Margaret's party last week yielded an unexpected bonus - photographing the hostess's daughter's 13th birthday party!

Her backyard was transformed into a disco paradise for 70+ 13 year olds, an event that I wasn't about to miss. The beauty, awkwardness, thrill and pain of being 13 was on full display, and it was a privilege to be down in the disco pit capturing them all. I don't have all the pics with me, so here's a sneak peak until I get home. Enjoy!

My creation

My creation


Leigh Webber said...

ooh! I love these! Very documentary, kind of dark and sophisticated at the same time. Reminds me of "Kids"and Sally Mann.

Mary Henry said...

how come the parties we came to at your house when we were 13 weren't this sophisticated?

Melissa said...

Leigh: you are my new favorite person in the world for comparing my work to Sally Mann!!

MH: what? George Michael cds and pizza bites weren't fancy enough for you?

Molly Molina said...

Hey Melissa,

LOVE this series and the one of the garden part as well. I'm really enjoying watching your photography career take off! Very cool.

All the best,