Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gang initiation season already?

Gang initiation season already? It seems like it was just here.

Caleb was in the backyard around 8 pm and came inside just as the first of 4 police cars hauled some serious ass down our narrow street. He said he'd heard a popping sound ("like firecrackers" - isn't that what the witnesses always say in the news?). Neither of us were willing to walk in the dark to check out the action, and this morning, after some serious time wasted trying to find a breaking news bulletin on the local news websites, we learned a man out walking his dog one block over from us had been stopped for directions by a passing car.

And shot three times by the driver.

Miraculously the man survived and gave police the inevitable description - black guy, sedan.

What's miraculous to me is that the victim wasn't my husband who walks our dog around the same time - and on the same street - each night.

In the first few weeks of new motherhood, I was too afraid to sit in our living room with Harlow.

Because I was afraid of sniper fire.

My doctor promptly wrote me a prescription for anti-anxiety meds. Now if she could only write me a prescription for a protective shell around midtown.


Emily said...

I live in CG too (well, for another week that is) and no matter what has happened as of late, I still say it is hands down the best neighborhood in Memphis and is very safe. It's unfortunate what has happened in the last couple months, but I agree with most people have said, it seems like a semi-planned out attack by a group of idiot thugs. I'm sure they'll move on, get arrested, get killed themselves, or whatever eventually.

Anonymous said...

I live right around the corner and I'm not walking my dog anymore! This is crazy because I love the weather outside. Love reading your posts.

Paul Burns

Melissa said...

Fellow CGers! Emily, sorry we're losing you. But I'll be honest, we kinda want to get lost ourselves. CG is so lovely and welcoming but lately that seems its worst quality. We're the shiny button for the magpies.
Paul, say hi if you ever walk your dog again :)