Monday, April 30, 2007

On the road again

Miss Harlow has proved herself to be quite the little traveler. Because I am too dog tired to be witty, here is a recap of our travels over the past 72 hours:


Technically not her first concert since that would be her daddy's, but the Memphis rock n romp seemed to pass muster. She slept the whole time while mommy and daddy drank from the keg and listened to electric guitars. From a safe distance. Musta been 50 kids running around. The nicest compliment I got - some girl told me my post-preggo pilates bod made her want to vomit.


Sunday: A little trickier as our post church lunch date with mom and dad coincides with her feeding. I happen to have pumped, so I feed her my milk from a bottle in the back seat while Caleb drives us to lunch. She sleeps the whole time. We then take her over to Lauren and Tommy's to celebrate Wilson's dedication and Grace's baptism. Everyone stares at her intently. She sleeps. A breif interlude at home and then we're off to Nana and Pop's where she decides to get a little cranky. But after a feeding, C and I head out to Baby Gap to use our big ole gift certificate. WE're halfway there when we realize it's the first time we've been anywhere just the two of us since she was born.


Her goodwill toward me is starting to run low. She accompanies me to the doctor's office - aw hell, she 's crying as I type this.

Doctor's office
Petra cafe
grocery store


rockstar baby

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