Friday, April 27, 2007


Nana and Aunt Lindsey came over today and brought Christmas early. The gift of me time. I hightailed it over to the pilates studio and got my first official workout in since Harlow arrived a month and day ago. My body still feels like jello but wow did getting stretched out feel amazing!

This week I haven't been blogging because every spare moment has been devoted to cleaning up my novel pages for a writing competition. I advanced to the second round (yay!) but waited until the last minute to turn in the pages and so the home stretch for revisions found me on my own, pulling out everything in my bag of tricks to stop Harlow from screaming which ultimately was holding her in my arms while typing one handed. Then Murphy threw up at my feet, she started screaming again and I rang up daddy who was out having a boys night. And like the sweet daddy he is, he hurried home to find his sweet baby girl asleep. But I got them pages done.

next week I'll post about Mothersville, this very cool mommy-centric shop in Cooper Young that had a breastfeeding support group and a 1 and under play group, both of which I attended for the first time this week. Finally got to meet some cool moms.

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