Saturday, April 07, 2007


I can't believe I haven't mentioned our one and only official outing with Miss Harlow. We went to see the pediatrician, Caleb on an empty stomach and me crazy with stress and a big storm front passing through. The wait took forever and Harlow screamed and screamed at getting weighed and measured. But the pediatician is fantastic - smart lady, tough cookie. Like her a lot. Unfortunately she felt that Harlow still looked a littel jaundiced so we had to go back to the hospital and get more blood drawn. Fortunately the timing worked out as I had royally f-ed up the car seat base in trying to be proactive, so he got to track down the car seat safety lady while I got to comfort my poor baby girl while they squeezed more blood out of her ankle. But her billie rubin levels were fine (how this is a scientific measure and not a country singer is beyond me) so she gets to be stripped down to her diaper and sunbathe which is going over just fine.

And I seem to be bouncing back slowly but surely. I'm doin 20 minute walks daily. And I never EVER thought I would say this, but I kinda miss the belly as it is shrinking away. It was my proof that she was inside. I miss her on my walks, not having her there. I'm sure once it warms up again and we can put her back in the stroller, I'll get over that fast.

She also had her first bath today - which she hated. And I finally pumped, and wow did I feel like a new person. A new person without hot. giant rock hard milk ducts in their boobs.

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