Saturday, January 26, 2008


Baby Girl has her first honest to goodness nose-is-a-snot-faucet cold, so Saturday was all about hunkering down (for her) and making comfort food (for her sleepy parents). Breakfast was banana French toast sandwiches (Rickie's challah (HOLLAH!) was pretty much the perfect eggy bread). Sadly it was eaten too quickly for photographic evidence. We ventured out to Square Foods for one last oatburger as they are closing next week. The service was always fair to middling, those chips were pretty stale, but damn they could make some good cookies. Too bad. If only a certain locavore chef with a passion for seasonal eating would open up a market/deli in its place...

Dinner was a chicken/sweet potato/orange tagine with couscous and toasted almonds, followed by yet another batch of chocolate chip cookies. The Green&Black's chocolate was crazy rich yet did nothing to improve the general glue like consistency of the batter. I followed the stupid recipe to the T and clearly something wasn't right. Like leaving out the sugar.

I forgot to mention that I have made a kind of informal resolution to bake once a week. When I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes, I went and bought every baking cookbook I could find. My masochistic much self started baking cupcakes and giving them to other people since I couldn't eat them. Then when I had the baby and got the all clear to start stuffing myself with sugar again, I realized I had a baby. Pretty much zero time for leisurely baking. So cut to almost 10 months later - a truly magical period (I say period because I know it can't last forever) Harlow takes easy, predictable naps and Mama has time to get out her flour and sugar and crack open Dorrie Greenspan's Baking and get to work. So far there have been two fairly edible chocolate chip cookie batches and some pretty yummy chocolate chip cherry scones. I think a cake may be on the horizon.

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Secret Agent Mom said...

Chocolate chip cookies are always edible.