Sunday, January 20, 2008

Blue Ribbon Babies

I feel like crap, so it's just the facts, man.

Friday night our sitter arrived and Grandpa John and I had to make a quick stop before dinner and Caleb's show. Unfortunately it was to Le Bonheur where Avery was transferred by ambulance after taking a very scary fall. She ended up with a skull fracture but thankfully was discharged the following day when she was already back to being her usual on-11 self. These kids, man. Made out of luck and rubber.

Caleb played a great show and even had some cocktail hour groupies arrive to catch the last couple songs. Came home, gave the baby girl a nightcap, got in bed, and woke up at 6 the next morning after sleeping straight through the night. That would be because Harlow slept through the night.

Yes, you read that right. I woke to her crying and my boobs bursting and just as I was going to check on her, she fell back asleep and didn't get back up until 7. I just laid in bed in savored the wonder that is uninterrupted sleep. Grandpa John kindly volunteered to watch the baby so we got to out for a second babyless night in a row, this time to see No Country for Old Men. Gorged myself on Milk Duds, saw a great movie, drank a beer at Otherlands where we caught the last songs of Blair's set and was in bed before eleven.

Grandparents rock. So do Milk Duds, the Coen Brothers, Cocktail Hour concert goers, and rubber babies. Stromboli from Little Italy? Not so much. Like, 24 hours ago and really, not so much.

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Laura (O) Matthews said...

oh no! we love little italy's PIZZA! so sorry you are sick...
promise to stop by the store to say hi soon! promise!