Sunday, January 27, 2008

100 Things Part 2

Because i know you've been waiting with bated breath....

51. I like to look up the meaning of sayings and expressions, like, bated breath, which is a contraction of the word "abated" meaning to hold one's breath from terror, awe or other extreme emotions.
52. I am happiest when I am traveling; I get antsy if I'm in town for more than a few weeks.
53. I considered a career in airport management to help increase efficency when it comes to checking in, boarding, retrieving bags etc.
54. I studied at St. John's College in Oxford.
55. I represented the French Club in my high school Junior Miss pageant and performed a monologue about a woman who killed her husband and hung his corpse up in her closet for my talent contribution.
56. I kissed a guy named Bernie for beads at Mardi Gras.
57. I haven't had a glass of red wine since my 25th birthday.
58. My worst migraine episode was a direct result of #57
59. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
60. I, too, find it a damn shame that Austin is in Texas. I also would prefer to live in San Francisco and drink wine rather than water and was starting to think Stephanie was my soulmate until her #99, but then she won me back with #101.
60 a. I think Memphis should take notes from France; in August, let's just agree to close up shop for the month and get the hell out.
61. In high school some girls made a up a mean song about me to the tune of Iko Iko.
62. I did not know it was possible to do my hair until I moved to California
63. As soon as I get home from seeing a movie, regardless of how good or bad it was, I look up scores of reviews about it on Rotten Tomatoes.
64. I cannot stand it when people over-enunciate the "r" in words like "crisp" and find it bizarre that voiceover artists in commercials are hired precisely because they do that
65. My husband and I spent two weeks in Paris for free housesitting a cat with a thyroid condition.
66. I can hold a pretty serious grudge
67. I am extremely gullible
68. Global warming really, really scares me
69. I bruise easily - physically and emotionally
70. My socks rarely match, and I thought it was just my "thing" until I realize my daughter's socks don't match either, because her mother is lazy.
71. I hate doing the dishes
72. My weirdest job involved driving all over southern California photographing Bank of America properties for a realty company.
73. I was paid to photograph a period 1807 wedding.
74. I am fairly obsessed with stationery - letterpress, screenprinted, handmade etc.
75. Even though I had a wonderful upbringing here, I am afraid of raising my child in such a poor, hyper-religious, racially divided city.
76. I had a brief love affair with an Italian in the south of Italy. He spoke no English, I spoke no Italian. So we spoke high school French. And the language of love, I suppose.
77. When we encountered each other a couple of years later, I was flattered and guilty that his eyes were red and swollen from crying as I had fallen in love with someone else. Turned out he'd just had lasik eye surgery.
78. I ate Gorbachev's leftover potato chips. No, this is not a euphemism.
79. I was called-back for the role that eventually went to Claire Danes in The Rainmaker. I was not called back for the role that eventually went to Reese Witherspoon in Man in the Moon.
80. I spent a day with Francis Ford Coppola on the set.
81. I delievered Meals on Wheels to a woman in downtown LA who fed most of it to her 30 pound Chihuahua.
82. A moment that rivals giving birth and marrying my husband for the emotions it stirred in me - my riding a horse at dusk on the beach in the rain in Ireland.
83. My 20th birthday included a picnic on a hilltop in Edinburgh in front of ancient ruins, being serenaded by bagpipes, drinking some Scotsmen under the table and eating a birthday cake with strangers on a pubcrawl. My 21st included a strawberry margarita at a memphis Mexican restaurant and waking up the next morning on my boyfriend's bathroom floor. And then having to go to work.
84. Because of #82, I always suggest horseback riding when the opportunity presents itself and then realize how much I hate it.
85. I am a foodie that is not ashamed to admit a love for Benihana.
86. I was proposed to on a private jet and in Canada.
87. This list is reminding me of how fun my life has been thus far.
88.I am only half joking when I say I think my cat is trying to kill me.
89. I am not joking when I say I often think about killing my cat.
90. My dog had a talent agent.
91. I saw my husband for the first time at mile 18 of the LA marathon as he stood under the Marquis at Mann's Chinese Theater.
92. I almost named my daughter Zasu after Zasu Pitts.
93. My wedding was featured in a magazine.
94. My favorite food is chicken tamales from the Larchmont Farmers Market in LA, followed closely by the chicken tamales at Guelaguetza with the chicken tamales at the downtown LA library Farmers Market a solid third.
95. I won second place in the Bad Stephen King contest.
96. I make a mean seven-hour lamb.
97. My favorite TV show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
98. I wish I was as funny as my sister.
99. If I had a tenth of my father's work ethic and business smarts I'd be a millionaire today.
100. I love Chick Fil-A and would drive an hour out of my way to visit the only one in the state of California. Now you know why I moved back to Memphis.


Stephanie said...

I think it's the hair that makes us soulmates.

The thing my brother misses most about Memphis is Chick-Fil-A, followed closely, I'm sure, by his family.

Kristy said...

#79 Neither was I.