Wednesday, January 23, 2008

100 Things

This whole 100 Things challenge kicked off by Kristy, updated bySAM and improved upon byStacey and Stephanie, started off fun and has now become the bloggy equivalent of a term paper. No one is more surprised than me. I mean, why stop at 100? It's me, for Pete's sake. I could teach a class. It turns out by #15 or so I didn't find myself that fascinating either.

So, in no particular order, 1-51.

1. I had chronic head/neckaches everyday from around age 13 to 25 until I started Pilates.
2. When I was 13 a boy I had a crush on tried to "crack" my neck like a chiropractor. See #1.
3. I have a stripper pole in my house and know how to use it. Too bad it's collecting dust in storage.
4. I am told I look like Hilary Swank about once a week; I wish I found her attractive.
5. When I lived in LA I was told I looked like Mia Farrow about once a week. I found her attractive - pre-Woody.
6. I ran a marathon.
7. My first engagement was called off by my fiance.
8. On the day I was supposed to get married I raced in a triathlon for charity.
9. My skin and hair never looked prettier then when I was pregnant.
10. I am depressed by how much I procrastinate. Like right now, for instance.
11. I've been in the presence of a ghost.
12. I was ten rows back from Dr. McDreamy on a flight that made an emergency landing.
13. I compulsively shop online but only actually buy about a 1/4 of the things I put in the cart.
14. My cat won second place in LA's fat cat contest.
15. I had a dream about my husband playing basketball years before I met him.
16. I'm intimidated by any kind of group sport. Even bacci ball.
17. I have terrible depth perception.
18. I can't watch Ali G or Borat or kind of show where the goal is to make people uncomfortable.
19. I was swindled out of a very large sum of money by a psychic.
20. I have a scar on my ankle from a motorcycle I rode in Italy.
21. I have been to Africa twice.
22. TV's Tony Soprano and Chandler Bing were dicks to me on 2 separate occasions.
23. Thanks to breastfeeding, I weigh less now than when I was in high school.
24. I make cookies once a week and I'm still a barely competent baker. I always manage to leave out one major ingredient.
25. I would rather spend my money on a great meal than a pair of shoes or clothing.
26. I am terrified I won't live anywhere else but Memphis.
27. I deeply regret being so co-dependent in my teens and twenties that I missed out on some great friendships.
28. I can spell almost any word without looking at it.
29. My husband is prettier than I am.
30. I eat chocolate everyday.
31. I enthusiastically sign up for continuing education classes but usually drop out before the term is over.
32. I leave clutter in my wake.
33. I have a large, round birthmark on my shoulder.
34. My torn earlobe made for a great conversation piece before my parents paid me to have it sewn up.
35. Because of a slightly downturned mouth, strangers often encourage me to smile which makes me want to inflict bodily harm.
36. I had a flare up of eczema on my legs so disfiguring that I wore jeans everyday for two years.
37. I gave bad directions to Penn Gillette.
38. I am usually always cold and would happily live in the Palm Springs desert for eternity.
39. I spent 2 years researching and writing a screenplay about the Bell Witch only to trumped by a fellow no-name who sold his Bell Witch spec for $$$ and got Reese Witherspoon attached.
40.I have been told by more people than I care to admit that they assumed I was a stuck up bitch until they got to know me.
41. Newborns still make me extremely nervous.
42. Getting on antidepressants has changed my life for the better.
43. I am learning to play the ukulele.
44. I am avoiding a crushing load of work by writing this.
45. It used to really, really upset me that my husband never complimented me or told me I was pretty. And then he called me a good mom.
46. I have really violent dreams.
47. When I was ten I thought I was a werewolf.
48. The best and worst day of my life both involve my daughter.
49. I don't think I'll ever be as great a mom as my own.
50. My 2 favorite genres of movies are horror and dance movies. I'm thinking it's time for a crossover.
51. Because of #50, I know the Thriller dance by heart.


Stephanie said...

I have the same problem as #35. If I'm not smiling I look pissed- my friends call it my f-you face.

Laura O Matthews said...

You do NOT look like Swank!
I WILL see you soon!!!