Monday, January 07, 2008


In the ritual that is Daddy-Daughter time, I try not to ask too many questions. Like when they come home smelling like cigar smoke.

And can I just add a little side note and pen a quick little love note to blogger? Thank you sweet baby blogger for finally deigning to look down your nose at we meek but proud safari/mac users and give us actual buttons to put things in bold and make them italicizedand
put them in quotes
and holy jesus - actually have one button to press to make a hyperlink instead going here and copying and pasting I feel drunk with power.

The thank you list expands. Thank you to mom and dad for watching Harlow yesterday so we could actually go see a movie. As we approached the theater, our hands intwined, natural as breathing. And then we both looked at each other, weirded out to feel so light, so babybag, babygirl free. As Caleb said, he felt strange to not be the parent, the dad holding the baby. Just some dude buying popcorn and Milk Dud deliciousness for his girl. And oh the coke. And the previews! How excited am I for Heath Ledger as The Joker? I'm lining up a babysitter now. And for the record - I am Legend. Eh. There's no way it could have been as good the near perfect book by Richard Matheson.

Thank you to Zoloft for making me feel so weirdly positive this Monday morning.

Thank you to the adorable Ellen Page/Juno-esque girl who contacted me through sittercity who liked our profile so much she really wants to babysit for us. Thank you for spell checking and proofreading and including a picture that is not you as seen through the Hubble Space Telescope. As I have lots of movies I'd like to see, I think we can work out an arrangement.


RJA said...

To be fair, Harlow only had one, small cigar. She had four shots of espresso, but only one cigar.

Kristy said...

Safari? Get you some Firefox, girlie!