Friday, January 04, 2008


Happy New Year! My last minutes of 2007 found me curled around my screaming child, doing my damndest not to be bitter about missing ringing in 08 with my tipsy, flare lighting compatriots. Happily, Harlow released me for a few moments so I could curl myself around my husband and kiss to surviving childbirth, broken legs, chronic sleep deprivation and salute to our strength as a couple, as parents, as individuals. Not so much as petowners, but hey, we can’t be perfect. I joke because otherwise I'd cry. Our first drama of 2008 hit us hard on the 2nd when we learned that our petsitter had not been to check on the animals since we left. At all. Miraculously they are fine and the house only slightly damaged. It was a horrible misunderstanding that fortunately turned out okay. My newest resolution? Don’t take anything for granted.

As for Miss Harlow, her resolutions are to attempt that crawling thing so she can go from point A to point B without all the hollering, cling tightly to mama especially when mama needs both hands, and get that much cuter so the first two resolutions don't drive her parents to leave her with the petsitter next time they travel.

Miss Suzy Q kept a blog of the Colorado hijinks here.

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