Sunday, June 03, 2007

Rip Van Winkle

Harlow sleeps a lot.

This shouldn't be surprising as she is nigh on 10 weeks old and from my understanding, aside from smiling and showing off her genius linguistic skills, is supposed to be a sleep champ at this age. But according to acquaintances and random people I meet out and about, we have a very. special. baby.

"Will you just look at her? She's just sitting there in her car seat. ASLEEP."
This said by the framer as if he was discussing a pet frog who wore a tuxedo and sang Hello My Darlin on cue.

We went to a baby shower for the head Mama of Mothersville, and everyone joked about Harlow was just doing her thing, sleeping in polite company. At 10 weeks, her reputation has proceeded her. She roused briefly to eat and take in the new digs and then promptly fell asleep.

For another four hours.

This was after trying to wake her with kisses, encouragement and some weird Hall N Oates-esque song Caleb made up called BABY WAKE UP. Wasn't doing it. I mean, even for her this was excessive. I googled "my two month old sleeps too much" and added "all the time" - and not surprisngly, nothing came back.

Because apparently that wouldn't be considered a problem unless you're a paranoid freak me.

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Anonymous said...

I too am searching for Two month old sleeps too much and only got your web
Too funny, I guess I'm a little paranoid too, my Joey is way to good and easy!!