Saturday, June 16, 2007


Holy crap.

Baby Girl has started sleeping through the night.

From what I understand, "night" is defined as a 5-6 hour stretch, and if that is the case, she started this hat trick a few weeks back. Except it wasn't our night. She's go down around 8:30 and wake up at 3 as if she had never eaten food in her little lifetime, grunting in that crazy, primal, doesn't-seem-to-be-originating-from-her-body sort of way. And then, miracle upon miracle, she'd go back to sleep. And then grunt and roll around and push me to the outermost corner of the bed. But at least she was getting sleep.

I'd been reading about starting a nightly ritual to get baby in the mindset to traipse off into the land of Nod, so we've been trying to establish one. She gets a bath which she really seems to like, not just merely tolerate. Then comes the shoehorning of the p.j.s which she is clearly just tolerating and then everyone's favorite - a bedtime story. For my first mother's day my dad tracked down a copy of Splish, Splash and Splush, one of my favorite books as a kid (read: I apparently made my folks recite this one to me about 20 times a night), so that made the inaugural cut. Last night was Caps for Sale. I picked this up at Davis Kidd because the cover really spoke to me. Here's this roughly drawn gentleman who is giving off a French vibe and wearing a stack of caps while monkeys watch him from the trees. Funny hats, monkeys and France - It just screamed Caleb. When I showed him the book, his eyes went wide with recognition. Apparently this was HIS favorite book as a child, and you could see the goosebumps on his arms as he flipped through it. So wussy ducks and scheming monkeys and comfy pjs and a warm bath led up to her fallingl asleep around 11. She flirted with the idea of waking up an hour later but then gratefully was down for the count. And next thing we know it's 5 AM. She was crying she was so hungry and could barely remove the hand she was furiously sucking before pouncing on me. And I was so excited I couldn't go back to sleep. I'm hoping the novelty of this will wear off soon and everyone in the bed will get a full night sleep, say, before the teeth start coming in and we start this all over again. But right now I'm pretty psyched.

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