Monday, June 25, 2007


Today was a lunch 3 months in the making. Baby girl finally got to meet her great grandfather. Four generations eating biscuits and dumplings and cake together. I was proud to see that she actually stayed awake for a portion of our visit and got to flash those dimples she got from her grandmother. She also spectacularly blew out her diaper and got to go pantless for the rest of her visit since her mom forgot to pack backup bloomers. But that little H&M top was so cute it didn't matter she was Porky Piggin it.

She's just days away from the magical 3 month mark and seems to be in dress rehearsals for a big finale. We haven't had another night where she didn't wake until 6, but she's getting closer and closer. Last night she woke once at 4:30 and we slept until 8 and man if I didn't feel rested. She's smiling so much of the time and starting to laugh which truly is the cutest sound I've ever heard. Of course, it can't take Avery's laugh which is truly something spectacular. It now comes in 2 varieties: the woodpecker and the mad scientist. Both can stop a room cold and crack up everybody in it. Hell, her Nana even posted it on You Tube.

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Stacey Greenberg said...

what happened to the black background? black backgrounds rule.

future bride of james spader! love it!