Monday, June 11, 2007

Parenting is hard

Thursday was the dreaded visit to the peds, the one where we felt like we were essentially rolling the dice with our baby's life by allowing her to get her shots. In typing this I know how stupid that must sound, that if any of the dreaded diseases prevented by the immunizations were to make a resurgance we'd be begging for the meds. But after reading account after account of babies havin reactions and dying after the old Dtp, we were absolutely terrified. Our doctor wasn't as sympathetic as I had hoped, but she laid out a good case for why - I mean, in the years she's been administering the shots, she hasn't seen a single reaction. So we decided to go ahead and do it. And for reasons unknown to us, it took the nurse over half and hour to come in and give her the shots - 30 minutes of us rethinking, sweating and generally freaking out.

But she got her shots. She was really fussy and upset for 48 long hours after, but baby girl is ok. Her parents are just big wusses.

Baby girl is also now 14 lbs. 6 oz and 24 inches long!!

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