Monday, June 18, 2007

Baby Part 2: Electric Bugaloo

Already, the questions.

Well, they really aren't questions, more like assertions. The "when" you have another baby, not "if." This comes from other parents, the ones with two+ who tell us it's a foregone conclusion that we will succumb, we will come around. I think I can speak for most people that - like most people - when I was younger and childless I envisioned having the 2, the package deal. I have a sister who I adore and couldn't imagine not having in my life - but that's the thing. It's all I've known. I've been doing a little polling, and the #1 reason cited by parents of 2 I've talked to on why they've had 2 is...guilt. The "I would just feel so bad if he/she were all alone" justifcation. I know there's a lot more going on here than just a crisis of conscience, but is that really the best reason for having another child? I know several "only' children, and they are some of the most outgoing, confident, self-assured women I know. Asked if they regretting not having a sibling, uniformly they said it would have been nice, sure, but there were always kids to play with - but more importantly - being an only child was all they knew, so it was cool.

Obviously it's too soon to start seriously contemplating going through the whole rigamarole again. But this is what's got us spooked. Both me and C can't help but be ruled by our superstitions. Harlow has been an insanely easy baby, so logic (or superstition) would suggest that the second child would be the spawn of Satan. C seems pretty certain that one would be more than fine.

Me? Talking about just having one gives me an illicit thrill, like we're doing something naughty. Probably not the best reason for having just one.

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