Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'll admit it. When I started this blog, I was more than a little pissy. I wasn't psyched about our move, I was dog tired, my back was already killing me - it was was what, like, 6 weeks into the whole shebang? Even though I was excited about my pregnancy, I felt a basic, black blog seemed the appropriate choice for my mood. The little black dress of templates, if you will. 12 weeks on the otherside, I'm still a little pissy, but not so much, and to celebrate, I felt it was time to spruce things up a bit. (OK - truthfully - the fact that I now actually have readers stopping by made me feel like my poor sweet blog got caught in its skivvies. And now my blog gets to do that montage thing like in teen comedies, where the shy, awkward but totally hot girl gets her braces off and gets a spray tan and does some crunches while her little brother looks on in disgust and then she comes to the top of the stairs in slo-mo and...

Polka dots!

I'm liking the polks dots, except polks dots make the text do strange bendy twisty things around my photographs, but it's a little sunnier, right?

Speaking of sunnier, I haven't spent much time talking about Mothersville. One of the hardest things for me to leave behind in LA was an amazing, diverse, supportive circle of girlfriends - friendships that took a loooong time to cultivate. Especially in a city not known for sweetness. Wouldn't you know we move into a house just minutes away from one of the few places in Memphis that makes me stop moaning over our move and actually grateful we did so? I think it was week 3 with the bebe that I managed to slap some makeup on and get myself over to Mothersville. Suddenly I'm rotating work shifts with some very cool chicks while our (truly) fearless leader and grand poobah finally gets her maternity leave on. And if this afternoon's wonderfully bracing conversation is any indicator, the homesickness is gonna clear up sooner than I thought.

Oh - the Hilary Swank Thing was brought up today and Caleb had a brilliant observation. Hilary Swank is so totally our lovechild. We BOTH kinda look like her. His recommendation? We go as her for Halloween. Him: Boys Don't Cry. Me? I'm thinking maybe Karate Kid 2.(Edited to say that I think I was thinking Karate Kid 3. I think the chick from 2 might be little trickier for me to pull off)

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