Monday, March 05, 2007

ready to pop

Saturday was the Wild Women Shower and Sue spent the weekend with us. Got lots of cute clothes - funny how it was divided between the skulls and the lambs contingency. Because of the gestational diabetes I've been obsessed with baking, so rationally I decided it was time to bake cupcakes as a thank you gift to those hosting the shower. Suffice it to say the decorations were cute, but ultimately it looked like a baby sitting on a giant mountain of poo. And to my horror, after being on my feet until about 1 AM frosting cupcakes, I realized my feet were really starting to hurt. Like, really really hurt. Caleb was already asleep, so I fumbled my way to the bathroom in the dark and got undressed. And then I saw my ankles.

Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer size. You see those insane power walkers with the weights around their ankles? It was kind of like that, but squishy. And really, really gross. It was like my boobs had slid all the down into my ankles for a change of scenery. It was disgusting and sadly, while they haven't again returned to that supersized addition, they are fully swollen everyday by 3, making it prettty much a bitch to walk anywhere.

My saint of a mom came over today and helped get rid of the mountain of trash that had become the nursery, and it's looking really close to being ready for an actual baby. I'm 36 weeks as of Wednesday, and it is blowing my mind that I will be a mom in less than a month. I don't know if anyone is truly ready to become a parent, but then, maybe that is why one's 3rd trimester body becomes such a hostile environment. At that point you're bargaining with God that you'll do anything, be a freaking PARENT, just get the kid out of me.

So I'm not that desperate yet, but I definitely would not be crushed if baby decided to make an early debut. Like right now.

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