Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I'm writing this from the nursery that is finally starting to look like a nursery. The crib linens are washed and put on said crib. The changing table is all set with a pad and we even picked up The Chair that Threatened to End a Marriage from Babies R Us. I think it looks fine, but more importantly, it feels like a little slice of heaven when I sit in it. So there! It's just blowing my mind that in less than 3 weeks time, a baby is going to be living in this room.

After a rough few days of squabbling with C and watching my blood sugar spike like crazy and enduring comments like "Oh, you are totally having a boy. You are way too big for that to be a girl," I sent out a distress call to Diane. I emailed her a pic of what I thought was my ginormous belly and told her about my concern over the blood sugar and she hustled me into the office asap. Reassured on all front. I got to have an ultrasound just to confirn that I wasn't birthing Godzilla, and the baby measured a whopping 6 lbs 1 oz. That's in the 25% percentile, DOWN from 31% 2 weeks ago. She said that it just doesn't look to be in the cards for me to have a big baby. And I am just dandy with that. She also said that I am 2 centimeters dilated which rocks - thank you sweet body for easing me into this - and the baby's head is super low and pretty much ready for takeoff. of course, she warned that I could go all the way to my due date like this, but with the cramping and the dilation, it's looking pretty likely that the baby will be here sooner than later.

The baby just kicked me as I typed that. Was that a once for "exactly...so get ready?"


I just remembered part of my dream last night. My "parents," who did not at all resemble my nearest and dearest, tried to have me killed. I outed their plans and had a nasty row with them in their house, throwing things and calling my mother - a shrill, evil looking woman with a bad perm, a motherf**cker, which, even in my dream, seemed kinda funny and wildly inappropriate, even though she had been trying to kill me.

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