Saturday, March 24, 2007


Just going to show that even other pregnant women lose their tact around pregnant women:

"God, I hope I don't end up THAT big." - said to me by a 7 month pregnant chick. In her defense, I think she was maybe 19 and still lives with her folks, so my superiorty complex kicked in and nursed me all the way back to the car.

Yesterday was Caleb's birthday, and it was no big secret that I was hoping to have the baby out and giftwrapped by the time the fam came over for burgers. Baby apparently had other plans, so Caleb had to make do with his kick-ass Willie Nelson painting I had commissioned for him by local folk artist Lamar Sorrento. Thursday I was convinved the baby was on the way. I felt absolutely wretched. My back hurt, I could barely walk, my vagina felt like it was having one big charley horse and I was just done. Then yesterday morning I woke up a well rested perky angel, just like today. So TRULY I'm not complaining. I'm sleeping through the night, I feel good. Baby's gonna come soon, so I might as well lap up my free time.

I'm just kinda dying to meet my kid.

Oh - since nature seems to have a way of balancing things, this really cute girl at Fino's came up to me at lunch and told me how beautiful I was. For all the times I've had strangers tell me how huge I am, I'm gonna kinda miss being pregnant for the kind souls who made my fucking year by saying things like that.

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