Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Princess Grumpy

So here we are, a day shy of Week 38. Spicy food? Speedbumps? Pact with the devil? Sex? I'd consider any and all just to get this show on the road. Sleep was a saucy tease last night. I was up about every 2 hours peeing or trying not scratch the eczema that has taken over my entire body. Alexa seems to think that all the hormones and attention toward fattening the baby up this week is allowing the eczema to run unchecked. I don't know what's going on, but if this kid doesn't come out soon, their mom may be missing their top layer of skin.

Oh, but last weekend was lovely. My cousin got married, a fancy 2 night affair, so I was required to get all dolled up with the challenge of not being mistaken for a grounded zeppelin. I think I succeeded. So many ladies told me how beautiful I looked, the younger girls saying that all hoped they looked like me when it was their turn to be preggo. All the compliments certainly had me floating as much as my 30 extra pounds would allow.

I see Diane tomorrow, an dlast we left it at her drumming her fingertips together like an evil mastermind, suggesting that "there are vays to get zee baby movingk" - minus the evil Germanesque accent. I think it involves words like "stripping" "membrane" and "pain" btu I say bring it on. Tomorrow is the first day of Aries, the 21st and 2 days shy of C's bday, so I couldn't think of a lovelier day for the baby to make his/her big debut.

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