Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life Choices

First as a customer and then as co-owner of Mothersville, I wanted Memphis to know what an incredibly special and unique resource they have in this store, a.k.a. The Store that is So Much More than a Store. We were thrilled to learn that we had an opportunity to move into a larger space, a space that would allow Mothersville to join forces with Trillium Womancare, that would offer a community space that could host playgroups in a space larger than a sardine tin. Plans were in the works to join forces with a certain local graphic design company to make the physical space so arresting passing cars would be helpless against the sheer awesomeness of its physical presence.

And then we got some really unfortunate news.

I would go on about it here, but why bother when it was done so eloquently here.

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