Wednesday, April 30, 2008


A conversation between the bride and her sister at the wedding I photo-assisted last weekend:

S: (taking the bride's hands in hers and appraising her) Wow. You look like...Barbara Bush.

B: ...I look like Barbara Bush?

She drops her sister's hands. She looks at me.

B: Wow. She said I look like Barbara Bush???

S: No, no. Who's that...Laura. Laura Bush.

B: What???

S: You know. Stately. Very dignified.

B: I look like a Bush?

The makeup artist: I think you look like Jackie O. Very sophisticated and classic.

S: Yeah, classic. You just look so classic. I'm not used to seeing you in things like this. You're normally dressed in the latest fashions and ..well, .a bride isn't supposed to look like a fashion model. Not that you don't look...

She takes a huge swig of her champagne.

S: I'm going to stop talking now.

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