Monday, April 07, 2008

Berri White's Great Escape

We had a bit of drama yesterday.

Berri White escaped.

Harlow sleeps with Berri White every night. He does not have a sexy bass to lull her to sleep. He does, however, have a yummy ribbon bowtie and a body made out of soft nuzzly fur that makes the transition to the land of Nod pretty seamless. (If Barry White has a body made out of soft nuzzly fur, my apologies to him and to my readers for a very icky mental image).

But yesterday Berri White escaped.

He was not in the crib.
He was not in the car.
He was not in the rocker.
But he could not have gone far*.

The sweet baby grew fangs
And started to bellow
We gave her The Rabbit
She said Go to hell....o

She gave up the fight
and settled for the bunny.
And that's when we found Berri White
in our bed. That was funny.

I didn't put him there.
He begged me to say nothin.
I guess Berri White
got enough of Harlow's lovin.

*I tried to work in Yar here but then I was afraid Kristy might kill me

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