Wednesday, April 23, 2008

B is for...

Ball - Harlow's favorite word. She even uses it in context!

Bear - also running neck and neck for favorite word. It's more like behwuh and is the audio equivalent of riding a unicorn across a cotton candy rainbow. It's that cute.

Blue - also used in context. Once. Refuses to repeat it.

Bubble - according to Laura, used it in context when watching her blow bubbles with Diego. Also responsible for the crushing guilt I felt 0.5 seconds later that I wasn't there to hear it.

Bath time - once a fave. Now inexplicably not fun. At. All. Lots of crying, flailing. Caleb speculated that she had a nightmare about bath time. I slapped him with my loofah.

Bread - what mama made from scratch! That's right. I ruined the first batch, the second batch came out looking like a giant clownfish-shaped blob, but it was not bad! Not bad at all. Check it:





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Mom said...

Yay!! My baby can bake!!! (and take pictures)