Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blind Tennessee Tina, World's Cutest Harmonica Player

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Harlow had her one year checkup on Tuesday. She clung to me like a rhesus monkey while the Doc poked and prodded her, but otherwise she kept up quite an enthusiastic discourse with the babe in the mirror. We're down to 75% in weight and height and 60& for head. So no big noggin scan for you! He said when I'm ready I can start with the milk/weaning. I don't know if I am. She just figured out the sign language for nursing and it's pretty nifty to know EXACTLY what she wants because she asks for it. Would seem a shame to take it away. Or maybe I am just scared of the hormones and the way my boobs are gonna look sans push-up bra when its all said and done. Oh good god that gives me the heebee jebees. But the fact we're both coughing and sneezing and not sleeping and nursing around the clock? The thought of weaning doesn't seem so bad.

I guess she got the memo that she is one because the jibber jabber is constant. The motoring around the house is constant. The blowing kisses, kissing me, trolling for zerberts and...wait for it...playing the harmonica - well collectively they are about to send me into paroxyms of cute overload.

She plays the freakin harmonica. She doesn't always use the correct end, but my clever girl makes up for it by providing the "hooooooo" noise herself. I'm gonna post video of it soon because it's like rainbow kitten puddle of ice cream cute.

And speaking of are the cupcakes from the party.

more bday pix

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