Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mom Fail

Caleb spends some of his precious spare time reading the Fail Blog, a long running documentation of things, people, places and weather graphics going horribly wrong. You know, like tie color fail, shakira impersonation fail, and one of our favorites, the sleepwalking fail:

But yesterday? Yesterday was a mom fail. No one has enough time, I know this. But I spent the majority of the day in my sweatpants in front of my computer, encouraging my daughter to watch her third screening of Finding Nemo for the day while mommy did a whole lot of not writing and tearing her fingernails off. I usually do well with deadlines, but this new medication makes it hard for me to stay alert past 8:30, and the panic to produce something of quality just got to be overwhelming. By bedtime I was close to tears, looking around the room for something encouraging. The magic 8 ball said it better not tell me now. My tea leaves said blobby blob. My story certainly wasn't cheering me on. I got so desperate I started opening up books to random pages, trying to divine messages of hope in "...and the car stalled." I went to sleep completely disgusted with myself, praying that if I was to be cursed with a Groundhog Day affliction, I wouldn't be stuck on March 11.

And then I woke up today with this news.

I'm gonna be in a bonafide book! Published by my dream publisher! The essay I published in Babble last year will be included in their first anthology, and the editor promises a big ole book party in the fall, meaning I might actually get to rub shoulders with Steve Almond, Shalom Auslander and Jennifer Baumgartner among others, my, um, FELLOW CONTRIBUTORS! I'm so happy that I barely focus, let alone write, which means this may be my only shot at book publication, so I might as well enjoy it!


Stacey Greenberg said...

that's fantastic! and totally makes me jealous!

Joseph Sankey said...

That's so great! Congratulations.

stephanie said...


Stephanie said...

I know I should be saying congratulations, but really I need to say that I love the fail blog too. Sleepwalking fail is awesome!


Chip said...

Congrats, Melissa! That's great.

LOVE that dog thing too.

tiffany said...