Friday, March 20, 2009

Veiled Remarks

The next couple of weeks promise a flurry of activity. I leave next week for what promises to be a game changing photography workshop in Santa Fe, the Sweazys return to LA for a wedding, and my beautiful, magical daughter will celebrate her second birthday.

But I have some news I've been dying to share.

My book is finished. This sucker has long been a labor of love and has been through so many draft changes and agents and artists that I'm amazed we both survived intact. But it's finished and almost ready to make its debut. I'm 99% certain that I will be selling the book through the Veiled Remarks website, and my media blitz of one will be coming to your blogs and cocktail hours soon.

But here is a little sneak peek. Isn't GORGEOUS??? The artists of Harvest patiently brought my story to life, and for that I am just beyond grateful.

More news and hopefully a link to a shopping cart soon! Have an awesome weekend!


CarrieJ said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I can't wait to see it in person! Definitely let us know when you have a link to buy :)

Joe said...


Bonnie said...

Yay Congratulations! It looks awesome!

Josh said...

Congratulations, Melissa. Please let me know when the book tour swings through Nashville.