Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Lauren + Brad

I met Lauren at the Memphis Flyer hotties shoot, and she brought her man and hottie in his own right Brad. They are just sweet, adorable, wonderful people, so don't hate them for what I'm about to reveal.

They are moving to Hawaii on Thursday.

They've sold the car and said their goodbyes and are gearing up to live on the Big Island and open a green cleaning service that will cater to resort hotels and rentals. But before they left, I begged them for a chance to take some more pictures. With their very limited time, they graciously offered up this afternoon. Unfortunately the weather was just crap. The light was super flat and dull, and that combined with not checking my camera settings after I loaned it out made for some challenging shooting. (I blame the very angry lady who yelled at me for placing my lens on top of her truck bed.)

But we got some cute ones. Here's my fave of the day:

Bon voyage and mahalo, kiddos!


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