Friday, June 05, 2009

Maine menu

The Sweazys will be out of the blogging office this next week. I thought I'd leave you with the contents of my purse.

1 wallet
1 roll of toilet paper
3 crayons
1 phone
1 baggie of cheddar goldfish, date of origin unknown
1 maraca
2 swimmer diapers
1 pen
1 girl's phone number

Most creative task using all (or the majority) of these items wins a prize. Seriously.


RJA said...

What do I win for creatively using the contents of your empty blogging office?

Susan said...

Easy enough: Take the pin and some of the toilet paper to draw up a plan using the phone number as the code for a robot made from cellphone, diaper, and maraca parts.

The robot's function is to create legal currency from the remaining toilet paper and crayons using the wallet's contents as guide.