Monday, June 22, 2009

Elizabeth & Gary

One of the best things about moving back to Memphis was reconnecting with my friend Elizabeth. She comes from the same stock as my husband, one of those folks who generally excels at pretty much anything she sets her mind to. I believe she went to school for design and specifically window dressing (dream job, non?) but is also recognized as a singer, fellow photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist, graphic designer and master wig maker for Opera Memphis. (Don't even get me started on that creamy, flawless skin.) So I was beyond thrilled and honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding to the impossibly dreamy Gary. I was doing little cartwheels inside when she said it have a Venetian Carnivale theme. (Caleb wanted me to verify which kind of carnivale so as to avoid showing up in a sequined thong and peacock headdress. Gotta love those Brazilians.) The only hitch in our plans was that the day of our engagement shoot was around 12,000 degrees - and Elizabeth in her corset and Gary in his velvet matador jacket threatened to spontaneously combust. The folks at Mollie Fontaine Lounge graciously let us come in last minute and capture some of their ambience. We ran out of daylight, so we're going to do another shoot to get some more "traditionally" me kind of shots, but I'm loving what we have so far. Satin and masks and disco balls, oh my!

My creation
My creation


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