Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hooray for Hollywood

Big day! Thanks to a tip from Stacey, we packed up Harlow's Dora backpack* with contraband snacks and headed to Ridgeway Malco 4 for the Malco Kidfest - and Harlow's first ever movie theater experience. Sadly the actual movie wasn't particularly buzz-worthy like Finding Nemo or anything from the Pixar canon. Her first movie theater movie?

Madagascar 2.

At least it had Alec Baldwin. Oh, and my new hero,, who punched Perez Hilton via proxy.

The really cool thing? Ridgeway Four was the site of my first movie theater experience. My first movie? Empire Strikes Back, well, up until the Hans Solo is frozen part and I lost my mind and my seriously pissed-off dad had to haul his sobbing kid into the lobby and miss the ending.

I spent many an evening in that lobby, buying popcorn, cokes and gazing at the mural of Hollywood stars that spanned the entire wall.( I specifically remember being entranced by Clark Gable and Judy Garland. What that says about me only a Facebook quiz can determine.) But that theater was my introduction to Hollywood. It played no small part in inspiring me to head west and try to capture some of that magic. Most importantly, it led me to meet her daddy.

It was happy reunion and a successful introduction. Harlow smiled and bobbed up and down in her seat and was riveted. We mainly just handed her popcorn and m&ms and thrilled to her every laugh and head movement. She's smiling! She likes popcorn! She wants to stay through the credits!

Next week I think we're gonna try Horton Hears a Who and Harlow's first stadium seating experience. Oh I can't wait for Harlow's first Cineramadome experience! Her first arthouse movie! Her first Milk Duds! Her Oscar acceptance speech!

Mama can dream...

* For those of you who caught the facebook status, the lipgloss-shaped glue stick did not accompany Harlow and her backpack to the movie. Happily, she'd only applied about one coat before I took away her "lipstick." Not that some parents would mind their toddler's lips being glued together. But still.


Stacey Greenberg said...

glad you had fun!

stephanie said...

Loris had her first movie theater trip this week as well. We went to the $2 showing of 'Shrek.' She loved the "big tv" and we only had to move seats three times. In other toddler parallel universes, Loris also tore open a tube of super glue resulting in fingers covered with glue residue for two days.