Sunday, May 17, 2009

LA in Bloom

Because it is Memphis, I often run into friends from college or someone from the years before I knew I could actually style my hair, and inevitably I'm asked how I'm adjusting here after nine years in LA. No one has been more amazed than me that I can look them in the eye and say honestly that things are good. Things ARE good. I've found my way into a career that never would have materialized out west, I've made so many lovely friends and my purpose here is clearer. What is not clear is my head and my sinuses that threaten to explode with every big, juicy thunderstorm or cold front rolling through. Due to a shoulder injury when I was 13, I experienced headaches daily for about 10 years - headaches that pushed me awfully close to reenacting that scene from Pi with the powerdrill when storms blew threw. In LA, a combo of pilates, little pollen and perfect weather gradually set me straight, but alas, the lack of those ingredients are setting me back. For weeks my head has felt stuffed full of cotton when not threatening to split open. Never having been an allergy sufferer, Caleb can barely breathe here. The lovely allergic rash on my leg that I have battled for years is out of control thanks to the non stop pollen parade. After googling "Best Places to Live in the US for allergy sufferers/" and finding LA near the top, that old familiar heartsickness for my allergy-free home has crept back in and taken roost.

All that to say is that I'm not exactly sure how I found my way on to her blog, but that little hole in my heart for LA has been patched up by this lovely blog, LA in Bloom. Heather Taylor has an artist's eye, and the images she's been posting shows why the city is special to her and why it will always be special to me.

p.s. But if that's what it takes to get more perfect, cool days like yesterday, I gladly offer up my head to be split open by the barometric pressure.

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Heather Taylor said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post!