Tuesday, May 12, 2009


When I was eight years old, my mom brought me to the Orpheum theater to see The King and I starring Yul Brynner. According to my mom, we left at intermission - most likely because my Dad couldn't take another minute of musical theater and Yul's sexy bald head. I don't remember leaving early. I remember being glued to my seat, completely overwhelmed by the experience. The gilded theater, the mezzanine seats, the velvet curtains, the bathroom that seemed it's own mini palace - I can still see myself curled into my seat, terrified that I might fall onto the theater goers below yet never, ever wanting to leave such a beautiful, magical place.

So imagine my delight when I am invited to photograph Opera Memphis' production of Faust at the Orpheum. The gig is to cover both nights of the dress rehearsal, backstage, in the house.

Wherever I want to go.

I KNOW, right??

So wander I did, observing the orchestra warm up in the pit and the actors transform themselves into doomed souls.

The production itself was a gorgeous, moody, steampunk take on the classic opera, and I had fun capturing the details: Mephistopholes' dapper costume and creepy coiled nails to the metal gears as hair pieces. I had a ridiculous amount of fun and hope I have the chance to wander the halls again.

My creation

My creation

My creation

My creation



Chip said...

Ooh, cool assignment! That looks like it was lotsa fun.

mary said...

I'm so glad you posted these!

divinitygirl said...

did you see the ghost???!!!

Melissa said...

I think I was sitting in her seat!