Friday, May 15, 2009


Carrie Underwood covers Home Sweet Home?

METALLICA covers Careless Whisper?

What the hell is going on here? Just stop it! Seriously!

Unless you are Rufus and Ben Folds. In that case, carry on.

Yummy harmony that's well shot here.

Footage from the concert where I (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) saw this live is here.


Stephanie said...

I think it's someone even worse than Metallica. It makes my ears hurt.

Melissa said...

Oh god. You're right.

Joe said...

Y'know, I actually made an entire mixed cd several years ago out of crazy covers... I'll have to find it now. There were some benign (Ohio State marching band doing Crazy Train) and some truly odd ones, but now I'll have to go dig it up...

Oh, I heard the metal cover of Careless Whisper the other day and just about had to shoot my own radio. It's proof that some people just need their asses kicked.

Joe said...

Ok... This is probably going to have to be a blog post of it's own, but I just found all four discs that I made, and I'm blissfully enjoying Benny & The Jets as performed by none other than Biz Markie.


Joe said...

Primus w/ Tom Waits doing The Devil Went Down To Georgia.

I just snarfed my drink.

I'll stop hijacking your blog post now... Sorry.

Melissa said...

I think I'd like to hear the Ohio State marching band cover Biz Markie.