Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Photo Bitch

I had the opportunity on Monday to assist a friend who was doing a fashion/product shoot for a line of handbags. Because this is Memphis, I realized that I grew up with the designer who now lives just a stone's throw from my parents. It was a long, chilly day outside, but I learned a lot - especially to bring backup sunscreen for me and more Britney for nervous models.


Chip said...

My, what a big lens you have there.

You'll of course need to share whatever knowledge you gained with me.

Joe Sankey said...

Were you working with Dirk on this, or is it just a remarkable coincidence?

Melissa said...

I was! You know? Small world :)

Joe Sankey said...

I happened to see Dirk a couple of days later at Memphis Photo and got to hear him lament over the 200m/f2 he rented, and how it ruined him on his own gear... :)

He had a few prints from the shoot, and mentioned the handbags. I figured there couldn't be that many local handbag makers having a photoshoot that day, right?