Friday, January 16, 2009

Faerie Tale Theatre

Dreams really do come true.

Do you remember Faerie Tale Theatre from back in the day? With Shelley Duvall and pretty much every famous working actor of the day? It was on Showtime, and it was must see TV for my whole family. Even at age 10 I knew the show was pretty weird and could actually be pretty creepy. These were the kinds of tales that ended with sharp objects being plunged into body parts, people burning alive and did I mention Shelley Duvall hosted it?

Here is Cinderella with Jennifer Beales and Matthew Broderick:

An article from gives some great scoop from behind the scenes, like how Mick Jagger as the Emperor in The Nightengale wore nine inch finger nails and had to have, ahem, EVERYTHING done for him. The box set of the entire series is coming out, and I cannot wait to cozy up to some Klaus Kinski and Susan Sarandon in Beauty and the Beast!

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