Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bride of Bagmonster

Yesterday was amazing. Amazing because of the friends and concepts that I was able to work with. Amazing that even though I am having a really hard time mastering lighting concepts and figuring how the hell all this advanced technical stuff works, I don't want to give up. All too often I hit road blocks and get so frustrated and just stop. Or find interesting, ultimately pointless methods of extreme procrastination. This is why I currently have two unfinished novels and two unfinished screenplays that remain... unfinished.

Perhaps this is why I am learning to be a photographer.

I'm having too much fun to stop.

My friend and fellow writer Stacey Greenberg is an eco warrior. She's the kind of person who buys cloth bags and actually remembers to take them to the store. She's so dedicated to raising awareness of the ills of plastic bags that she borrowed a handmade "bagmonster" suit fashioned out of what must be a 1000 plastic trash bags. She had some photos taken downtown in her scary bagmonster suit, but all I could see was conceptual Vogue shoot written all over it. Stacey was game and came over for a fashion shoot at my house. Lucky for her the suit was so damn big that she wasn't subjected to my original plans which had her channelling Grace Jones and doing some really weird posing. But the lady rocked the suit and we got some really cool shots. Hopefully next time I will figure out how to get rid of those crazy shadows!






Stacey Greenberg said...

yesterday was fun! you look great in the suit too! it's actually 500 bags. crazy huh?

CarrieJ said...

I so want to make that dress for myself!! How awesome, and the shots are gorgeous!