Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ben and Ione

Because I am lazy and a girl with too many blogs, I'm piggybacking on an earlier post and sharing it here. I think the anecdote is amusing enough to buy me a get out of lazy blogging jail free pass today.

Where have I been?

Musician Ben Lee, known to most as the ex of Claire Danes and Ione Skye, known to most as the recipient of Lloyd Dobler's boomboxed affection* just tied the knot in India

* I attended a screening and Q&A with Cameron Crowe who told the story behind that famous scene. Turns out John Cusack was really into speedmetal at the time, and he gave the director a tape, convinced that his character would be into the same music. He apparently was equally as convinced that Lloyd Dobler would not be into pansy-ass Peter Gabriel. Humoring his star, Crowe did several takes with the speedmetal but wasn't psyched. The light was fading, and Crowe asked/begged Cusack for one more take. He reluctantly agreed, holding the boombox above his head while the stupid, stupid Peter Gabriel song played and he was bored and pissed off and done. And thanks to the magic of cinema - and a pissy star - we have a heartbroken, yearning Lloyd Dobler, a Top 40 smash, and one of the greatest moments in teen movie history.

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Chip said...

I had a thing for Ione. Something about that slight lisp... and also those persistent rumors that she was the nekkid girl on the cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Mother's Milk.