Monday, June 16, 2008


Because I have been living in writing/photography land, I've been slacking here, and I did not get around to shout outs to my beloved dad and my sweet, soulful baby daddy on their big day. For the man impossible to shop for, I whipped up a batch of my dad's favorite chocolate macaroons. For the second hardest man to shop for, I got sneaky. Caleb fell in love with a shark skin suit that he tried on at a Silverlake vintage store. Alas, he had just purchased a shark skin suit back in Memphis (the odds!) and didn't feel that he could justify this even shinier one. When he walked outside to show me just how much it shimmered in the sun, I knew it had to be his. I made up some stupid thing about leaving something back at the store, and the silly boy fell for it. The suit arrived just in time for him to try it on with every pair of shoes he owns and not wear it to brunch. Grandpa John celebrated an early Father's Day with us at Casa Sweazy. He helped hold down the fort while I was seminaring out in east memphis and got him a boatload of baby before his surgery today. If you're reading this, I hope you are feeling better, on some excellent painkillers, and doggedly working through that Netflix queue.

But what I really want to talk about is spiderbaby. It seems I have given birth to a latent superhero, or at least a tasty baby who is extremely appealing to spiders. She is not yet spraying webs when she pattycakes or walking up her bedroom wall; however, she has some very blistery, swollen, purplish bites that the doctor announced were not brown recluse bites but no less nasty looking. Poor sweet baby has been a trooper, appearing to barely notice them. They did not get in the way of her finding her groove in the disco room at the CMOM. They did not slow her down when she took my credit card from wallet, and in a perfect imitation of mama, swiped it on every wall and piece of furniture she came in contact with. And they did not stop her from deciding that I needed to be fed blueberries during our afternoon snack.

Just when I thought my heart couldn't get any more full, she goes and feeds me blueberries. I love me that baby.

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