Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LA 2008

LA was...


68 degrees.



From the airport we went straight to the Larchmont farmers market and got my tamale and some berries and some rotisserie chicken and had a lovely impromptu sidewalk picnic. W shopped at Punky Brewster's organic kids store. We frolicked in the lobby of the Roosevelt at 5 AM, just as the hipsters were coming in from their big night out. We lounged poolside with the plastic, tatted-up people and felt like celebrities as the kneesocked, booty-shorts waitresses oohed and ahhed over Harlow. We stayed at the cutest little apartment in Los Feliz and did lots of browsing in Sunset Junction. I ate madagascar vanilla gelato that made me want to cry it was so good. Trader Joes actually did make me cry because it is so good. I saw my lady friends. Jill and I got massages at Burke Williams and I got my hair blown out at Rudy's. I walked barefoot in the grass holding Harlow's hand. I bought jelly gladiator sandals and shoes for baby Suber. I had the best latte ever at Intelligentsia and a killer chocolate croissant at Susina.

Harlow tried to climb into Scott Wolf's lap at Comme Ca. I wanted to climb into my salad bowl after licking the plate. Good lord that city makes some yummy food.

And the very last thing I did before heading to the airport? One of my very favorite, super secret, super cheap things to do on a day when you need a pick me up.

I tried on wigs at the Hair Shop. For some reason the photo has disappeared from Flickr. Just picture me with long, ravishingly red locks. It'll make you feel better. It sure made me feel better.

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