Monday, June 23, 2008


Harlow's necklace, originally uploaded by medusahead.

Have you met my teenager? They grow up so fast whatever yeah uh huh.

But do you see this girl?

She likes putting on necklaces and bracelets and rings. Mama's shoes. My blush. My purse.

What you don't see on her are the 14 or so mosquito bites that look like the mumps. Not only is she amazingly grownup but very, very delicious.

I witnessed a mosquito fly into our car two seconds after the door was opened and bite her shoulder. It got her face before I could kill it. Getting her out of her carseat and to the door is like something out of a horror movie. I footballed carried the poor thing to the front door and fumbled with my keys to open it.

A f-ing mosquito landed on her shoulder and bit her.

We are surrounded.


Melvis said...

What a Glam Gal. Too cute!

Beverly said...

She is so cute, and I wish I had an adult version of her outfit...
I think it is amazing that little girls go for the necklaces, purses, and high heels without any help from us. My granddaughter loved purses and jewelry when she was about nine months old.

Anonymous said...

#1 glam girl, my fantastic nephew, and you bring smiles/joy that you will only understand once you are a great aunt.

Stacey Greenberg said...

what a gorgeous shot!

have you tried filling a baggie with water? it's supposed to scare skeeters. maybe you could somehow make harlow a water baggie necklace or something!

CarrieJ said...

Adorable pic!! Too darn cute! My wee one has turned into a sassy six year old, I am hoping the bad stops there, ya think?!?!
You know babies are super delicious. I can't stop nibbling on my own lil'man so I can't blame the skeets. I will still bring the smackdown though!

I was going to ask about how the weaning was going, then erased it because I am sure you just love talking about it with strangers ... then of course I decided to ramble on about it anyway. Honestly, most of my friends think I am nuts for still breastfeeding and mine is only 8 months old ... freaks ;)