Sunday, March 02, 2008

Words, words, words

In return for Caleb's hanging with the baby so I could take off to New York, I agreed to be kicked out of the house for the weekend so he could be all Moody Creative Genius and record his masterpiece without mama and baby getting all screechy on the soundtrack. This meant hanging in the hinterlands of Gtown (and missing the first midtown derby bout :( but a good time was had by all. Harlow got plenty of time with her Nana and Papa and Aunt Lindsey and cousin Avery. Avery had just enough time with her bitey, lap stealing monkey cousin to ruin her on siblings for, I think, ever. Mama finally got to cash in her Indigo gift certificate (hello sexy new bag!) Nana even got the added bonus of witnessing the destruction of what little hipster cred her daughter and son in-law had left when Harlow said her first, honest to goodness word.


She and Elmo had been talking on Nana's Elmo cell phone. He was all What's My Name? Seriously, what is my name? I don't got all day. Hee Hee Hee. And she said "Elmo." Clear as day. And she said it 3 more times, in front of witnesses, just to rub it in. Caleb was appropriately horrified, and then of course we spent the rest of the afternoon foisting the Elmo cell phone on her in the vain attempt to get her to say it again.

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