Sunday, March 30, 2008

Party Pics

A ship was launched, a cupcake was eaten, gifts were lavished and a good time was had by all, particularly by the birthday girl who only cried because we forced her to take a nap. 

That was Saturday. 

Today we are setting sail on the Good Ship Mucinex, hoping that the sweet goddess of the sea (and saline nasal spray) will grant us safe passage, because I am about to chop my head off at the glands to put an end to the sinus pressure/not at all Demi-like more like Barry White rasp/coughing/sneezing general misery. Fortunately Harlow has a bunch of new books and completely new wardrobe to distract her from the wall of snot that is her face. And that sweet Auntie Lex. She's good for endless rounds of Flippy, the magically quacking Diaper Wipe Case. If it works, it works.

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