Monday, May 21, 2007

Wide World

Sunday we walked over to the Long's for Drew's post triathalon party and finally got to tour the inside of their amazing home. We sat out on the crazy-long porch and ate and drank and when Harlow started to get a little fussy, I took her back inside. The second we walked into the entry, she stopped fussing and with mouth wide open, kept her head on a constant 180 degree swivel to take in the house. She was fascinated! Back outside, she looked up at the trees and at the plants like she couldn't get enough. It was seriously adorable.

She's eating weird. She's starting to eat closer together - like at 6, 8, 9:30, in preparation - or so it seems - to sleep through the night. But lots of fussing, pulling off and on the nipple, fussing. Still wishing the breastfeeding came with a trouble shooting guide.

And my poor breasts. C doesn't get it, thinks I'm whining like I'm 60 and done for. But unexpectedly they went back to normal size tonight, except, they don't don't look normal, at least not like before. It makes me sad. But she's worth it.

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