Saturday, May 26, 2007

Parents Day Out

Grandpa John came down for the weekend to visit the bebe and give us a very special gift - couple time. Caleb and I decided we'd try to see a movie which was perfect because Pirates of the Caribbean opened. And not so perfect because it was 3 hours long. I happened to get up this morning around 6 after feeding H to pump my near-exploding breast, so she had milk while we would be away. She was also likely to sleep all afternoon anyway, but a 3 hour movie + trailers + a giant coke and my still incontinent self = an acute inability to focus and enjoy Johnny Depp and his eyeliner. So we decided to see Waitress.

Oh criminy.

The first sign that things were amiss were the old folks. Not that I have anything against old folks, you just don't typically see them flocking to the cinema en masse. The MidSouth chapter of the Keri Russell Appreciation society? The problem with old folks (we're talking mid 70s here) at a movie is that their hearing isn't so great and you typically have to endure the WHAT DID SHE SAY? and the stage whispered narration of the entire film. A fragile old guy took the only available seat next to me after his wife repeatedly and vehemently pointed - from the row behind us - that that was where he was supposed to sit. he obeyed. He smelled strongly of tobacco but at leats, like me, he didn't seem to be getting the film. And then he laughed the dirtiest laugh during the unexpectedly intimate sex scene. So maybe his hearing was bad but his eyes were just fine.

The movie itself was just bad. I really wanted to like it, but there was no chemistry, no connection between the actors, just - nothing. Our eyes met in the dark in silent agreement. Buzzed off our giant coke and milk duds, we ditched and headed to Macy's. Neither of us bought anything and spent the majority of our time, sans cell phones, trying to find each other in the mall. But at least we were doing it together.

It's been a weird weekend for Harlow. Weird eating patterns, sleep patterns, and oy - her worst night ever last night. Up at 1:30, wide awake, and making so much noise. None of us got much sleep. I'm hoping tonight gets better.

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